Our Story

As a part of my normal "relax and reset day" routine I found myself grabbing my lighter in search for a candle that wasn't there. After countless trips to TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and countless bulk purchases from Bath & Body works during their Semi-Annual sales, the day had finally come that I've RUN OUT OF CANDLES ?!?!(besides the ones I'm saving as aesthetic home decor of course). I found myself in heavy reflection of how I could let this happen( as the proficient candle connoisseur I believed myself to be,) this was unacceptable, and borderline embarrassing I might add lol. I began to calculate to myself how much money I've spent over the years on candles alone and thought, at this point, I might as well just make my own.
I took a candle-making workshop in January 2021 where I fell in love with the creativity, freedom, enthralling scent blends and the science of it all. I enjoyed the process and the instruction of how everything was done so strategically. From here candle-making or starting a candle business was a "cute" idea that I put no action behind because the thought was too crazy for it to be real, right? WRONG! Somewhere in May 2021, I was strolling through Target with a loved one where I spoke briefly on my thoughts of starting a candle business when I was presented with the sentence that essentially got the ball rolling, "so what's stopping you?". I responded to this with a few low-effort excuses but in the following months those three words lived rent-free in my mind until a random day in September where I stayed up conducting heavy research until all hours of the morning and purchased a random plethora of items. 
All of this led me to where I am now, and I am so grateful for that push and all the crazy chaos in between that is starting and running a business. It definitely takes courage, and discipline, and risks, and being broke for a hot minute but I have no regrets. I say all this to say don't sit on your talents or wait for the "perfect time" because we all know that doesn't exist. Believe in yourself, do the research, pray, have faith in God and the vision, and just do it! 


- Lauren Roper, CEO & Founder